London No.2 Men's Finish

Race Report for London No.2

Colin Strickland and Dani King take London No.2 on July 9, 2016. King lapped the entire women’s field. Strickland soloed to his third consecutive RHC win to extend his Series Championship lead.

RHCBK9 Men's Finish

Race Report for Brooklyn No.9

Colin Strickland and Ainara Elbusto take Brooklyn No.9 on April 30, 2016. Elbusto won a hectic final field sprint and both primes continuing her assertive control of the women’s field. Strickland soloed to victory with a bold attack on lap 4 to take his second consecutive Red Hook Crit win.

Milano No.6 History Page

Race Report for Milano No.6

  MEN’S RESULTS Colin Strickland (Aventon Factory Team, US) Ivan Ravaioli (Bahumer Racing Team, IT) Daniele Callegarin (Oscar Cycling Team, IT) Augusto Reati (Supernova, IT) Luis Junquera (Polandbike, ES) Tim Ceresa (8bar Team, FR) Alejandro Padilla (Impulse Stage, GT) Stefan Vis (Cinelli Chrome, NL) Raul Torres (Leader Bikes, MX) Marius Petrache (RO) 1st lap (breakfast […]

Barcelona No.3 Podium Presentation

Race Report for Barcelona No.3

MEN’S RESULTS Ivan Ravaioli, IT Mario Paz Duque, CO Fabio Scarazzati, IT Augusto Reati, IT Tim Ceresa, FR Zac Felpel, US Daniele Callegarin, IT Andrea Vassallo, IT William Guzman, PR Paolo Bravini, IT 1st lap (breakfast prime): Ivan Ravaioli, IT Mid-way (dinner prime): Daniele Callegarin, IT Fastest Lap Qualifying Time: Ivan Ravaioli, IT (01:32.29) Rockstar […]

London Podium - Silvia Galliani

Race Report for London No.1

MEN’S RESULTS: William Guzman (PR) Mario Paz Duque (CO) Thibaud Lhenry (FR) Ivan Ravaioli (IT) Fabio Scazaratti (IT) Augusto Reati (IT) Daniele Callegarin (IT) Zac Felpel (US) Roberto Barone (IT) Raul Torres Pagaza (MX) 1st lap (Breakfast prime): Mario Paz Duque Halfway (Dinner prime): Nicolas Variani Fastest Lap Qualifying Time: William Guzman Rockstar Top Antagonist: […]

Race Report for Brooklyn No.8

MEN’S RESULTS Ivan Ravaioli (IT) Luis Junquera (ES) Raul Torres (MX) William Guzman (PR) Augusto Reati (IT) Thibaud Lhenry (FR) Paolo Bravini (IT) Fabio Scarazzati (IT) Christian Trenchev (BG) Neil Bezdek (US) 1st lap (breakfast) prime: Mario Paz Duque Halfway (dinner) prime: Thibaud Lhenry Fastest Qualifying Lap: Stefan Vis – 1:27.821 Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: […]

Race Report for Milano No.5

MEN’S RESULTS Eduard Grosu Ivan Ravaioli Julio Padilla Augusto Reati Evan Murphy Mario Paz Duque Pablo Rodriguez Neil Bezdek Umberto Marengo Stefano Nicoletti 1st lap (breakfast) prime: Mario Paz Duque Halfway (dinner) prime: Eduard Grosu Fastest Qualifying Lap: Julio Padilla – 1:33.43 Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Diego Yepez WOMEN’S RESULTS Ash Duban Ainara Elbusto Arteaga […]

Race Report for Barcelona No.2

MEN’S RESULTS Julio Padilla Augusto Reati Thibaud Lhenry Nicholas Varani Kyle Murphy Brian Wagner Pablo Rodriquez Mario Paz Duque Francesco Martucci George Garnier 1st Lap (Breakfast) prime: Mario Paz Duque Halfway (dinner) prime: Thibaud Lhenry Fastest Qualifying Lap: Eduardo Colon – 1:28.01 Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Eduardo Colon WOMEN’S RESULTS Ainara Elbusto Arteaga Fleur Faure […]