Race Report for Milano No.2

  1. Neil Bezdek
  2. Jonander Ortunodo
  3. Alexander Barouh
  4. Francesco Martucci
  5. Danilo Barroni
  6. Chas Christiansen
  7. Tommaso Nolli
  8. Nathan Trimble
  9. Paolo Calabresi
  10. Kacey Manderfield

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Neil Bezdek
Halfway (dinner) prime: Neil Bezdek
Fastest Lap: Neil Bezdek


Nike signed on as title sponsor. A 5km running race was added to the event which was scored as a separate race but held on the same circuit and in the same format. The concept was to bring two normally divergent communities of athletes together. The City of Milano supported the event which brought out 1500 spectators in addition to 250 athletes. The running race was won by Moroccan Abdellah Haidane. The traditional criterium was won by Neil Bezdek in a close sprint against Jonander Ortuondo in a reversal of the finishing position from the previous year.

Untitled from Trimble Racing on Vimeo.

Video by Alberto Accettulli