Race Report for Brooklyn No.4



  1. Daniel Chabanov
  2. Neil Bezdek
  3. Alexander Barouh
  4. Nathan Trimble
  5. Gerald Adasavage
  6. John Kniesly
  7. Kacey Manderfield
  8. Chas Christiansen
  9. John-Taki Theodoracopulos
  10. Eric Robertson

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Austin Horse
Halfway (dinner) prime: Neil Bezdek
Fastest lap: Neil Bezdek


The circuit was relocated to the Erie Basin Pier in a deal that was facilitated by the New York Economic Development Corporation, demonstrating the race’s value to the local community. Eastern Mountain Sports supported and promoted the race as title sponsor. The race featured riders from 13 states and 6 different countries. Despite extreme winter weather conditions, a thousand spectators watched Daniel Chabanov become the first two-time RHC champion. In the face of this growth the RHC retained its unique underground atmosphere.

Video by Jessica Scott