Race Report for Milano No.1

  1. Jonander Ortuondo
  2. Neil Bezdek
  3. John-Taki Theodoracopulos
  4. Kacey Manderfield
  5. John Kniesly
  6. Alexander Barouh
  7. Danilo Barroni
  8. Giorgio Vanini
  9. Chris Thormann
  10. Matteo Zazzera

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Neil Bezdek
Halfway (dinner) prime: Jonander Ortuondo
Fastest lap: Jonander Ortuondo


The RHC expanded into Europe with a race in Milano, Italy. The race attracted a sold-out field of racers and nearly a thousand spectators. A dozen racers traveled from North America creating an international event. The format and atmosphere from Brooklyn was imported to Italy successfully. The race was won by Basque cyclist Jonander Ortuondo who outsprinted US pro Neil Bezdek.

Video by Pietro Malegori