Race Report for Brooklyn No.3

  1. Daniel Chabanov
  2. John Kniesly
  3. Alexander Barouh
  4. Chris Thormann
  5. Pavel Marosin
  6. Matthew Arlyck
  7. Brean Shea
  8. John-Taki Theodracopulos
  9. Joshua Wright
  10. Izumi Kuremoto

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Chris Thormann
Halfway (dinner) prime: Alexander Barouh


The race picked up its first sponsors including Cinelli, The Bicycle Film Festival, Rapha, and the Brooklyn Brewery. An art show titled “The Unifying Machine” was curated in conjunction with the race. Over 60 competitors raced in front of over 500 spectators. The race was covered by mainstream cycling press for the first time with feature articles in Velonews. Russian bike messenger Daniel Chabanov won the race in a four man sprint against John Kniesly, Alexander Barouh, and Chris Thormann.




Velonews Pre Race Report
Velonews Post Race Report