Race Report for MILANO No.9

OFFICIAL POSTER: Red Hook Criterium Milano No.9 presented by Rockstar Games


11Filippo FortinTeam BahumerIT
221Jesus AlbertoIRD Squadra CorseES
36Michael CapatiURB Rhevo Pro-Bike AIT
44David Van EerdTeam WITNL
5245Ide SchellingSEG Racing AcademyNL
689Giovanni LongoTeam BahumerIT
711Olivier LeroyAventon Factory TeamFR
818Andrea TincaniIRD Squadra CorseIT
910Alessandro MarianiIRD Squadra CorseIT
10107Martino PocciantiCykeln Divisione Corse AIT

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Ide Shilling
Halfway (dinner) prime: Filippo Fortin
Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Ide Shilling



161Rachele BarbieriIRD Fiamme Oro Squadra CorseIT
245Barbara GuarischiCinelli TeamIT
354Nerea NunoRio Miera Cantabria DeporteES
423Elena ValentiniT RED Factory Racing TeamIT
550Francesca SelvaT RED Factory Racing TeamIT
61Raphaele LemieuxSpecialized Rocket EspressoCA
72Margaux VigieSantafixie BLB LondonFR
829Carla NafriaSpecialized Rocket EspressoES
97Michelle De GraafIRD Squadra CorseNL
103Lisa WornerAventon Factory TeamNL

1st Lap (breakfast) prime: Raphaele Lemieux
Halfway (dinner) prime: Raphaele Lemieux
Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Nerea Nuno



Photo by Francesco Rachello of Tornanti.cc

Raphaele Lemieux (Specialized-Rocket Espresso) won the first lap prime in front of a lined-out field and was immediately counter-attacked by Lisa Wörner (Aventon Factory Racing). Rachele Barbieri (IRD Fiamme Oro Squadra Corse) was quick to close this down. When Worner was brought back Ainara Elbusto (Santafixie BLB London) was the next rider to test her legs. At this point, the pressure from the lead riders had cut the front of the race down to 20 riders in just 5 laps. As the halfway prime approached a small group tried to get up the road including Lemieux and Barbieri. Not content with the breakaway Barbieri attacked out of the group, while the field behind was now down to only 10 riders. Despite Barbieri’s efforts, Lemieux was able to not only stay in touch but also win the mid-race prime, securing her more valuable championship points. The prime lap however set off what would be the final cascade of counterattacks. First to jump was Elbusto, who was chased down by 2017 series champion Eleonore Saraiva (Aventon Factory Racing). Next to go was Elbusto’s teammate Margaux Vigie, she was then countered by Esther Walker (Aventon Factory Racing). This put Santafixie BLB London on the defensive with Elbusto going into chase mode trying help Vigie. With 3 laps to go the front of the field had improbably come back together, but Nerea Nuno (Rio Miera Cantabria Deporte) was having none of that. Her attack with 2 to go immediately got separation, and she was able to stretch out several seconds going into the bell lap. Sensing the danger, Lemieux went to the front, perhaps overconfident in her own ability or maybe just not realizing that Barbieri was on her wheel. Barbieri handily won the sprint over Barbara Guarischi (Cinelli Team) with Nuno holding on to take 3rd and claim the Rockstar Games Top Antagonist prize. With her 6th place finish, Lemieux was able to secure the 2018 series championship.


Photo by Eloise Mavian of Tornanti.cc

Red Hook Crit newcomer Ide Schelling (SEG Racing Academy) proved his mettle by winning the first lap prime while heavy pre-race favorite and the Italian hope Filippo Fortin (Team Bahumer) had some trouble off the line failing to get clipped in quickly. Despite the early set back the Fortin was able to make his way back to the front soon signaling early in the race that he was feeling good. By contrast, Justin Williams (Specialized – Rocket Espresso) was not off to a good start and soon found himself a bit too far back in the field. This would prove to be the American sprinters undoing as he struggled all night to regain position and would eventually lose contact with the front of the field. Back at the pointy end of the race things remained relatively unchanged, despite several efforts from David Van Eerd (Team Wit) and Eamon Lucas (Specialized – Rocket Espresso) the Italian seemed to have the race very much under control heading into the mid-race prime which was won by Fortin. With half the race behind them, Team Bahumer began to get serious about protecting Fortin and sent Giovanni Longo to the front to close down attacks and eventually set a tempo to prevent them. Longo would prove crucial in the final laps of the race fighting back multiple attacks from Schelling and Stefan Schaefer (Specialized – Rocket Espresso) and finally delivering Fortin to the final lap in the perfect position to take the win ahead of Jesus Alberto (IRD Squadra Corse) in 2nd and Michael Capati (URB Rhevo Pro – Bike A) in 3rd. Schelling walked away with the Rockstar Games Top Antagonist Award for his efforts throughout the race.