Race Report for Brooklyn No.11


12Filippo FortinTeam Bahumer CritlifeIT
283Justin WilliamsSpecialized Rocket EspressoUS
311Alec BriggsSpecialized Rocket EspressoGB
41Davide ViganoTeam CinelliIT
53David Van EerdTeam WITNL
628Evan MurphyMASH SFUS
725Michael CapatiURB - Rhevo ProbikeIT
841Kaj VerhaeghTeam WITNL
918Stefan SchaeferSpecialized Rocket EspressoDE
1019Matteo CecchiniCykeln Divisione Corse AIT

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Alessandro Mariani
Halfway (dinner) prime: Stefan Schaefer
Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Alessandro Mariani


12Raphaele LemieuxSpecialized Rocket EspressoCA
274Melanie GuedonT RED Factory Racing TeamFR
313Margaux VigieSantafixie BLB LondonFR
43Ash DubanThe Meteor // Hey Allez!US
58Lisa WörnerAventon Factory TeamNL
679Roxanne FoxTeam Schindelhauer-GatesUS
748Michelle De GraafIRD Squadra CorseNL
827Ashley FayeLA SweatNL
919Esther WalkerAventon Factory TeamUS
1076Nicole MertzThe Meteor // Hey Allez!US

1st Lap (breakfast) prime: Margaux Vigie
Halfway (dinner) prime: Lisa Worner
Rockstar Games Top Antagonist: Margaux Vigie

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Raphaele Lemieux (Specialized Rocket Espresso) wins the Brooklyn No.11 Women’s race. Photo by Tornanti.cc

The women’s final kicked off with Santafixie BLB London teammates Ainara Elbusto and Margeaux Vigie taking it to the front of the field. Vigie would win the first lap prime with her teammate Elbusto countering to pull out a group of three. But the move was short-lived and brought back quickly by the field. Vigie quickly countered and established an eight-second gap. This early move was holding despite efforts from Carla Nafría (Specialized / Rocket Espresso) and the Aventon Factory team trying to bring it back. But once the gap to Vigie started to come down, disaster struck for Elbusto in the field as the heavy pre-race favorite crashed out of the race.

A bridge effort from Lisa Wörner (Aventon Factory Team) connected to Vigie, but the main field was not far behind. As the duo was joined by Giorgia Fraiegari (Cykeln Divisione Corse), Vigie began to struggle and was eventually dropped just before the mid-race prime which was won by Warner. Behind the leaders, Nafria was doing a tremendous turn to try and bring it all back together for her teammate Raphaele Lemieux. Those efforts brought the race back together but left Nafria with no legs to finish. Attempting to take advantage of this Esther Walker (Aventon Factory Team) jumped away from the now very small lead group that contained two of her teammates.

With seven laps left in the race, the gap to Walker was holding around nine seconds. With no one left to help her Lemieux took the front of the chase and tried to ride everyone else off her wheel. The gap to Walker plummeted quickly and with two laps to go the race was all back together with sixteen riders heading for a sprint. At the start of the last lap it was Worner, Vigie, and Lemieux sitting in the first three positions but out of the final hairpin, no one could match Lemieux’s kick to the line. Melanie Guedon, in her first Red Hook Crit, took second and Vigie rounded out the podium in third as well as receiving the Rockstar Games Top Antagonist award for her efforts.


2018 Red Hook Criterium Brooklin no.11 Photo: Eloise Mavian / Tornanti.cc

Rain threatened the men’s field but was still just a drizzle as riders left the grid. A blistering first lap by Alessandro Mariani (IRD Squadra Corse) earned him the first lap prime after taking the first position into turn one and holding there for the entire 1-kilometer lap. After a brief reset in the field, Alec Briggs (Specialized – Rocket Espresso) was the first to hit the field and drive the pace for his team, stringing the field out and establishing a theme of control for Specialized that would remain throughout the race. While Briggs pulled at the front, 2016 RHC Brooklyn winner Colin Strickland (Meteor X Giordana) found himself out of the race with a mechanical, taking a heavy favorite out of contention early on.

Specialized continued to put riders on the front, including a few brief attacks from 2017 winner Stefan Schäfer, only to be brought back and countered by Evan Murphy (MASH SF). Schafer was back on the front for Specialized going into the mid-race prime, fighting back after Mariani tried to repeat his first lap prime. Mariani attacked as the bell rung, flying by a pair of Specialized riders, only to get pipped at the line by Schäfer.

Specialized continued attacking with Gus Morton, eventually putting the entire 5 riders squad on the front in an impressive show of strength inside the final 10 laps. With three laps to go, Morton had dropped off the back leaving just three Specialized teammates; Briggs, Schäfer, and sprinter Justin Williams. Filippo Fortin (Bahumer – Critlife) was well positioned in fourth just behind Williams, showing exceptional patience while Specialized rode the front. As Briggs dropped Williams off for the sprint on the final lap, Fortin held Williams wheel, making the pass into the final bend to win Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No.11. Williams and his lead-out man Briggs would hold on to round out the podium in second and third.