Race Report for Milano No.8


POSBIBNameTeam NameCountry
1176Ivan CortinaBahrain MeridaES
240Alessandro MarianiIRD Carrera Squadra CorseIT
32Filippo FortinTeam BahumerIT
41Davide ViganoTeam Cinelli ChromeIT
516Aldo Ino IlesicSpecialized / Rocket EspressoSI
68Timon SeubertSuicycle Track TeamDE
749Michael CapatiUrbe ProbikeIT
85Tristan UhlAventon Factory TeamUS
96Martino PocciantiCykeln Divisione CorseIT
1012Olivier LeroyAventon Factory TeamFR

Super Pole : Martino Poccianti (CykeIn Divisione Corse)

1st Lap Prime : Alessandro Mariani (IRD Carrera Squadra Corse)

Mid-Race Prime : Ivan Cortina (Bahrain-Merida)

Top Antagonist : Ivan Cortina (Bahrain-Merida)


POSBIBNAMETeam NameCountry
178Maria SperottoBepink CogeasIT
22Raphaele LemieuxiBikeCA
322Elena ValentiniBrianza Squadra CorseIT
47Carla NafríaSpecialized / Rocket EspressoES
51Eléonore SaraivaAventon Factory TeamFR
63Ash DubanUnattachedUS
765Carmela CiprianiSea HubIT
816Paola PanzeriTeam Cinelli ChromeIT
96Tanja ErathFixedpottDE
1035Virginia CancellieriIRD Carrera Squadra CorseIT

Super Pole : Eléonore Saraiva (Aventon Factory Team)

1st Lap Prime : Eléonore Saraiva (Aventon Factory Team)

Mid-Race Prime : Maria Sperotto (BePink Cogeas)

Top Antagonist : Esther Walker (Aventon Factory Team)

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Maria Sperotto
Photo by Tornanti.cc

The women’s race opened with a fierce fight between Eléonore Saraiva of Aventon Factory Team and Raphaele Lemieux (Team iBike) for the first lap prime which Saraiva won with a bike throw over Lemieux. This effectively sealed the championship series win for Saraiva. With the pressure off she settled into the large group of all the preface favorites including Duban, Cancellieri, Erath, Wörner, and Nafría. Among the usual contenders was a new rider, Maria Sperotto who was making her Red Hook Crit debut. Sperotto was clearly comfortable in the group and never drifted out of the top five and then made her intentions clear by winning the mid-race prime. As the laps counted down the group stayed together despite the pressure being applied by Erath and Worner, who both attacked several times only to be closed down by Sperotto. Lemieux tried to capitalize on the work done by others but Sperotto simply proved to be too strong and overhauled her in the sprint to win her first Red Hook Crit.


Ivan Cortina
Photo by Brian Vernor

In the men’s final Alessandro Mariani of IRD Carrera Squadra Corse clearly felt inspired by the Italian crowd and won the first lap prime. Just behind him Red Hook Criterium newcomer Ivan Cortina (Bahrain-Merida) saw his chance and accelerated. Just two laps into the race Cortina and Mariani were clear of the field by a handful of seconds. The duo pressed their advantage over the disorganized field as Specialized / Rocket Espresso, Team Bahumer, and Team Cinelli Chrome attempted to organize a chase. At the mid-race prime, Cortina rolled through to claim it as the duo continued to co-operate. Behind it became clear that Team Cinelli Chrome was not interested in helping bring the breakaway back as it helped Davide Viganó seal the win in the championship series. Cortina attacked Mariani decisively on the final lap to open a big gap. Both riders rolled across the line in celebration as a frustrated Filippo Fortin won the field sprint for third.