Race Report for Barcelona No.1


  1. Stefan Vis
  2. Evan Murphy
  3. Rainier Schaefer
  4. Thibaud Lhenry
  5. Kyle Murphy
  6. Francesco Martucci
  7. Pablo Rodriguez
  8. Emanuele Poli
  9. Michael Dziedzic
  10. Mario Paz Duque

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Neil Bezdek
Halfway (dinner) prime: Evan Murphy
Fastest Lap: Neil Bezdek


For the first time the Red Hook Criterium took place in Barcelona as part of the four-race championship series. The Parc del Forum venue provided for another fast yet technical and exciting circuit. Beautiful weather during the qualifying rounds gave way to rain at precisely the same time as the riders lined up to battle it out in the main event. Tension among the riders was high as the rain picked up during the first few laps, but as the rain stopped the attacks started coming. A six man breakaway formed in the later stages of the race, out of which Stefan Vis took the sprint and a boost in overall points standings. An unfortunate crash by Neil Bezdek made him seem human as his seemingly insurmountable points lead is now within striking distance for the Murphy brothers.


Red Hook Crit Barcelona 2013 – Official video from Thelema Artworks on Vimeo.