Race Report for Brooklyn No.7



  1. Thibaud Lhenry
  2. Alessandro Bruzza
  3. Neil Bezdek
  4. Zac Felpel
  5. Mario Paz Duque
  6. Walton Brush
  7. Scott Piercefield
  8. Evan Murphy
  9. Kyle Perry
  10. Pablo Rodriguez

1st lap (breakfast) prime: Thibaud Lhenry
Halfway (dinner) prime: Walton Brush
Fastest Qualifying Lap: Neil Bezdek – 1:41.56


  1. Jo Celso
  2. Liz So
  3. Ash Duban
  4. Hannah Todd
  5. Jen Nordhem
  6. Katie Arnold
  7. Sophia Lee
  8. Kelli Samuelson
  9. Meisin Yan
  10. Erica Schwanke

1st Lap (Breakfast) prime: Liz So
Halfway (dinner) prime: Jo Celso
Fastest Qualifying Lap: Ash Duban – 1:56.97


The competitors of Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No. 7 faced the race’s most brutal weather in its seven-year history as the waterfront race course was awash in heavy rain and powerful wind gusts. The atrocious conditions didn’t deter the 85 racers; with spectators being treated to an incredible display of skill and finesse as the competitors negotiated the slick and technical course at speeds averaging over 45km/hr. With 3 laps to go, Frenchman Thibaud Lhenry (In’bo) and Italian, Alessandro Bruzza (Team Cinelli Chrome) attacked off the front of the lead group and with one lap to go the duo was holding a tenuous 5-second lead over the chasing peloton. In a thrilling finish, the pair managed to just barely hold off the charging pack with Thibaud Lhenry outsprinting Alessandro Bruzza to become the first foreign winner of Red Hook Crit Brooklyn.


As in the men’s race, the Red Hook Criterium’s inaugural women’s race was held in some of the most challenging weather conditions seen in any bike race. 31 brave women lined up at the start and in traditional Red Hook Crit fashion field splitting attacks went off from the gun. Within 2 laps a selection of 10 racers formed containing most of the pre-race favorites. With five laps to go a serious crash occurred as the field overtook a lapped rider, taking out Team Rockstar’s Shane Ferro. Race directors neutralized the race, and restarted with 3 laps to go once Ms. Ferro had been attended to. Jo Celso (Wolfpack Hustle P/b Aventon) showed her prowess on a track bike by deftly winning the halfway prime and going on to outsprint Liz So (Tativille) in an exciting finale.

///// Polo&Bike //// Chapter 1 Brooklyn from from Victor Ceballos on Vimeo.

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