Race Rules


  • Red: An indication the session is stopped. Please slow immediately and follow marshal instructions
  • Yellow: An indication of danger ahead – slow and be prepared to take avoiding action
  • Blue: An indication to an athlete that they are about to be lapped and must prepare to leave the circuit
  • Green: An indication the track is clear and competition is commencing
  • White: An indication to an athlete that they have one lap remaining
  • Checkered: An indication to an athlete that the session is complete


  • Athletes must arrive at parc fermé (30) minutes prior to the start of their race
  • Athletes must enter the circuit through parc fermé
  • Athletes must start on their exact grid mark. It is each athlete’s responsibility to know in which position they are qualified to start
  • Athletes must align their front tire within the grid mark
  • Athletes must not move off their grid mark until the race is started
  • Athletes must start with one foot on the ground
  • Track stands are not permitted
  • Athletes are not permitted to lean on another athlete or the barriers
  • After a (1) minute and a (30) second warning athletes will be given a (15) second warning. The race may be started at any time during the final (15) seconds on the race directors command
  • The Finals will have a neutral lap prior to the race start. The heats and LCR will not have a neutral lap
  • The neutral lap does not count towards the overall lap count


  • Each race will be a set amount of laps. The amount of laps will be communicated before the race start
  • A lap counter is used to signify how many laps are left
  • The length of the race is subject to change at any time per the race director’s discretion
  • A bell is used to signify the start of the last lap
  • There are NO free laps for mechanicals or crashes


  • Athletes must exit the circuit before they are lapped
  • A blue flag will be shown to indicate an athlete is about to be lapped and needs to exit the circuit
  • The ‘sweeper’ moto will be (15) seconds ahead of the lead moto. When the sweeper moto approaches from behind, athletes must exit the course as soon as possible
  • Athletes must exit the circuit in a safe and controlled manner
  • The race director, lead moto, sweeper moto and circuit marshals may signal to athletes that they must exit the course
  • Athletes refusing to exit the circuit will be disqualified and penalized
  • If a solo rider is about to lap the field, the first chase group may be allowed (at the race director’s discretion) to complete the race. The chase group will be shown the green flag at the course exit and finish line to signal they are allowed to continue racing
  • If the first chase group is allowed to finish the leader will not be permitted to join or pass the chase group. The leader will remain behind the lead moto for the remainder of the race
  • If the first chase group is approached from behind by the leader with more than 3 laps remaining the race director may shorten the race distance and will present the chase group with a minimum of 3 laps to go. Any change in laps will be shown on the lap counter and announced


  • If the race must be stopped for any reason, the race director and circuit marshals will warn athletes by displaying the red flag around the circuit
  • Athletes must line-up before the start/finish line designated by race officials
  • Best efforts will be made to reestablish gaps between groups on the lap before the red flag incident
  • At the race director’s discretion, the Heat races and the Another Chance Races may not be restarted. If not restarted the results will be scored on the previous complete lap before the red flag incident
  • If the race is stopped within the last 3 laps it will be restarted with 3 laps to go
  • Athletes must remain calm and cooperate with race officials
  • No outside interference from Athlete Support Crew (team managers, friends, or sponsors) in regards to race operations. Interference may result in an athlete being disqualified
  • Athletes may attempt to change equipment during the red flag. Race officials will not wait for repairs to be completed before restarting the race
  • Athletes who do not clear the racing circuit in a timely manner will not be allowed to restart
  • Athletes who are clearly the cause of the red flag will not be allowed to restart. This will be determined at the Race Directors discretion based on available information
  • Athletes who are involved in the incident but clear the course quickly may be allowed to restart the race at the Race Directors discretion
  • Athletes who need prolonged medical attention will not be allowed to restart
  • Athlete Support Crew may not attend to athletes on the circuit at the location of the red flag incident
  • Athlete Support Crew may be allowed to attend to athletes at the start/finish line at the Race Directors discretion


  • If an athlete finishes in the top three(3), wins a prime, and/or is announced as the Top Antagonist they must report directly to the podium area immediately after the men’s race.
  • Fourth (4th) and Fifth (5th) place will receive prizes and can collect their prize card from the podium area or chip return — they must have a prize card to collect items from the merchandise area
  • The podium ceremony starts immediately after the finish of the men’s race
  • Any athlete arriving late or skipping the podium presentation forfeits all prizes
  • Race kit is mandatory for the podium
  • Athletes are prohibited from bringing their race bike onto the podium