Men’s Race Format

The 2018 Red Hook Criterium features a revamped format

Each RHC competitor will compete in a Heat race to either advance directly to the Final or to an Another Chance Race. For the first time every registered athlete will receive 2 chances to qualify for the Final. Athletes that finish in the top 20 in their heat advance directly to the Final. Athletes that place outside the top 20 will advance to an ACR. Athletes that finish top 5 in an ACR will advance to the Final.


  • 4 heats
  • 320 starters / 80 starters per heat
  • 10 laps
  • Athletes placed randomly in their heat
  • Heat starting grid based on previous RHC performances and organizer’s discretion
  • Heat starting grid to be published on race week
  • Top 20 finishers advance directly to the Final
  • Positions 21-80 advance to an Another Chance Race
  • All race rules apply


  • 60 starters
  • 4 Another Chance Races
  • Athletes race in the same group as their Heat (Heat 1 to ACR 1, Heat 2 to ACR 2, etc)
  • 10 Laps
  • Top 5 finishers advance to the Final
  • Winners to start Final on row 5
  • Athletes are eligible to start in ACR regardless of their heat finishing position


  • 28 Laps
  • 100 Starters
  • A Prime will be awarded at the end of the 1st lap
  • A Prime will be awarded at the end of the halfway point
  • The Rockstar Games ‘Top Antagonist’ prize will be awarded to the athlete, who without consideration to their final position, most affect the race through a combination of cunning tactics, aggression, and strength