Conduct & Anti-Doping


  • Athletes must conduct themselves in a manner that is not offensive in any way to fellow participants, spectators, officials or volunteers
  • Athletes must treat all participants, officials, volunteers and spectators with fairness, respect and courtesy
  • Athletes must follow all race official directions immediately
  • Riding the course during setup is prohibited
  • If an athlete’s conduct is deemed offensive, a disciplinary action may result in a penalty


  • Athletes must ride within their ability level
  • Athletes must hold a predictable line through the corners and give their competitors room
  • Athletes must avoid skidding as much as possible. Athletes skidding dangerously into corners may be removed from the race
  • Athletes must hold their line and are not allowed to block competitors attempting to pass
  • Athletes must exercise caution when passing slower competitors who have not exited the course
  • Athletes are prohibited from stopping along the course to fix mechanicals — all mechanicals must be dealt with in Parc ferme. Athletes who stop along the course unnecessarily may be penalized


  • Athletes agree they will not commit a doping violation as defined by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
  • Athletes declare that they are not currently serving a doping violation and/or do not have a pending or unresolved doping charge
  • Athletes confirm they have never in their athletic career taken “banned substances” without a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)
  • Athletes confirm they have never served a doping violation
  • Athletes verify that any drugs they are taking or might consider taking are not on the “banned list” and further verify that they do not consume any substances or products which contain “banned substances” — this includes over the counter medications and prescription drugs.
  • Athletes agree to submit to drug testing at any RHC event
  • Athletes that decline to be tested will be disqualified and banned from future RHC events
  • Any athlete who violates the above Anti-Doping rules will be banned from all future Trimble Racing events
  • Any athlete who tests positive at the RHC must reimburse the cost of the doping control
  • Positive tests at the RHC will be shared with other relevant organizations and the public at large
  • The RHC reserves the right to withhold prize money and prizes until anti-doping results are known