RHC STATS The women raced 92 laps during the 2016 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series Dani King led the most amount of laps despite only racing in London. She led 22 of the 26 laps on her way to lapping the entire field. Ainara Elbusto led the 2nd most amount of laps with 14. She was the only rider to lead a lap in each event. Interestingly Series Champion Ash Duban led only a single lap all season. This was the 10th lap in London after she bridged up to Dani King, Ainara Elbusto, and Jasmine Dotti LAPS LED Dani King: 22 Ainara Elbusto: 14 Rachele Barbieri: 10 Keira McVitty: 9 Ilaria Sanguineti: 6 Carla Nafria: 4 Samantha Runnels: 4 Hayley Edwards: 3 Jasmine Dotti: 3 Kate Sherwin: 3 Virginia Canellieri: 3 Vittoria Reati: 3 Jo Smith: 2 Ash Duban: 1 Chelsea Mattias: 1 Eleonore Saraiva: 1 Gretchen Stumhofer: 1 Kim Lucie: 1 Martina Alzini: 1 ph: @bjoern_lexius #redhookcrit #rhcstats #rhcwomen