Only one rider is allowed past the wall that is Aldo Ino Ilesic Ph: Jason Sellers (@fwdbound) #redhookcrit #rhcm7 #rhcbcn4 #iamspecialized

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  1. Rigged much… hmmm? A big corporation bike team/manufacturer comes in as the new sponsor and NO one ABSOLUTELY no ONE can beat and or surpass them. Very interesting.. I’ll see you cats next year.

  2. @aldermartz I never said that Aldo or Colin aren’t extremely talented athletes… what I am saying is that it seems very rigged IMO. Look at how dominant @cinelli_official / @teamcinellichrome were the whole 4 years or so when they were the @redhookcrit Sponsor Holders.. besides Ivan R. killing it last year. Now a big company called @specializedbikes comes in and NO ONE can even come close to beating them in a race. It seems a little OFF to me. It’s okay though.. I’ll see everyone next year.. including some other cats that I have unfinished business with. Everyone has their shine time… my RHC Debut will be unforgettable. #seeyouguysinbrooklyn

  3. @j.c.waterwalker they simply ride as a selfless team and have the fitness to put themselves in a position to have a very good shot at making a breakaway happen with Colin in it or a bunch sprint where Aldo could win. Not sure any way it could be rigged. Both riders were tested in Barcelona and as someone that’s raced them at every redhookcrit this year they’re simply crazy fit and tactically brilliant

  4. @thriveontoth I respect YOUR personal information and opinion knowing how it is and how hard it is to even race in a RHC event/race. Me saying what I’m saying is not hate, disrespect, trash talk, or any of the above. I am simply stating my own opinions. Like I said.. I never once said that they aren’t fast, fit, brilliant, and or out right solid cyclist when it comes down to show time and racing. I RESPECT both Colin and Aldo for ABSOLUTELY killing it this year… this is me being PASSIONATE about cycling in GENERAL, not me talking shit or hating. You and I both know that cycling is a LOVE/HATE relationship. All I do have to say is that I am already accepted onto a team and that I will see you all in 2017. I really have nothing left to say… I really don’t. All I know is Milano is going to be one hell of a show and after that… I’ll be coming to Brooklyn with my legs ready to put the pain down.

  5. @j.c.waterwalker heck we can sort it out now. Borrow a power meter or a watt bike and do a one hour power test. If someone can hold 430watts average power for an hour you can be competitive at Red Hook given one has the bike handling and race smarts to make magic happen. Throw down an hour power test and DM me a screenshot of the results 🙂 @aldermartz

  6. When I have access and time to do such I will definitely let you know.. other then that I’m really not here to prove anything to anyone but myself.. once again I’ll see you guys in Brooklyn man. That’s where you’ll find out what kind of wattage this body and put out. I’m not here to show you before then.. I’m here to show you when the time comes.. Therefore I’ll just keep you guessing how strong I really am and what I can really do. It’s that simple… I’m literally going to work all winter in the pain cave until the day of.. I’ll see you in 2017 my friend. @thriveontoth

  7. That’s the ultimate goal my guy… That’s the ultimate goal. I know I have what it takes just based off of my personal dedication and previous athletic abilities. I’m just looking forward to next year’s season of racing in general. @thriveontoth You’ll always be on my good side man.. I respect you and your time and personal opinions on this manner. Keep up the good work man, and I look forward to meeting you next year in Brooklyn! 🙂

  8. @j.c.waterwalker I agree tho. the thing is it’s not an “underground” race event anymore and it seems that it’s just a marketing strategy for specialized cuz they know their athletes gonna win anyways. but that’s just my opinion

  9. @austinworotikan That’s kind of my point here… in argument. That not only are these guys professional damn near elite lever ROAD CYCLIST. Also, not many people know that… that isn’t a TRACKBIKE FRAME, that is a ROADBIKE FRAME being used in a TRACKBIKE form on and Fixedgear Crit. They can get a lot lower in their turns then anyone else can… that alone is a MASSIVE advantage. They knew exactly what they were doing when they took over the Sponsorship Contract for the RHC SERIES. At the end of the day like I’ve said on this post… it doesn’t mean that they can’t and or will not be beat. They fortunately had one hell of an opening year… I’ll see them cats next year though. Lol.

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