In Milano, Owen Blandy qualified in 85th with a time of 1:35.447. This was only 5.87 seconds behind Martino Poccianti who set the course record with a 1:29.576. The gap between the 1st and 85th qualifier in London, Barcelona, and Milano were all within a tenth of a second. Full list Brooklyn: 6.725 seconds between 1st (Addison Zawada: 1:25.741) and 85th (Alexander Fitzgerald 1:32.466) London: 5.792 seconds between 1st (Aldo Ilesic: 1:11.158) and 85th (Bill Ash: 1:16.950) Barcelona: 5.909 seconds between 1st (Colin Strickland: 1:18.141) and 85th (William Perrier: 1:24.050) Milano: 5.87 seconds between 1st and 85th (Martino Poccianti 1:29.576) and 85th (Owen Blandy: 1:35.447)