Filippo Fortin’s final lap was a blistering 1:29.76 (51kph average speed) in Milano (powered by Giovanni Longo) We looked back at some previous years to see how it compares. His time was the fastest race lap ever but Poccianti’s 2016 qualifying time still stands as the course record. If only Fortin hadn’t celebrated so early! Course Record: Martino Poccianti: 1:29.58 (during 2016 qualifying) Note: The fastest lap of the race has been on the last lap every year 2018 Filippo Fortin: 1:29.76 51kph average speed 2017 Davide Vigano: 1:33.59 48.9kph average speed 2016 Aldo Illesic: 1:31.271 50kph average speed 2015 Luis Junquera: 1:35.58 48kph average speed 2014 Evan Murphy: 1:32.88 49.22kph average speed 2013* No race lap data Fastest qualifying time was 1:37:00 by Luis Junquera #redhookcrit #rhcm9 ph: @tornanti_cc