Check out @victoryjournal to read more about Ignazio Moser’s 'royal' cycling background and why he races the Red Hook Crit excerpt below: He gulps concentrated orange juice between bites of the pancake-flat omelet, fueling for the day’s agenda. Here, at Camila’s Cafe this Saturday morning, April 29 in Brooklyn, is where the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Italian cyclist is choosing to be: a Moser in his own right, not merely a shadow of his legendary father Francesco. Though Ignazio retired from professional road and track cycling three years ago at age 22, what led him to this southwest corner of Brooklyn was a lust for the adrenaline rush only sport can induce, brought on by pericolo, the Italian word for danger. words: @sarah_gearhart images: @nilsericson #redhookcrit #rhcl3 #rhcbk10 #pericolo