Season Applications Open March 7

  • Season registration open: March 7 to March 13
  • 1 ticket is valid for 1 entry into all events
  • Teams may purchase tickets and define their athletes before each event
  • Before each event, exact athlete information must be confirmed. Details on how to provide athlete information will be provided after season ticket is purchased
  • Refunds will not be issued for athletes who are unable to compete in an event
  • European Season registration will be open from June 1 to June 7

Race Applications

Race Applications Open March 7


For teams and athletes who do not register for the entire series, we are introducing an application process to fill the field at each event.

  • Brooklyn applications open: March 7 to March 13
  • London applications open: June 1 to June 7
  • Barcelona applications open: July 27 to August 2
  • Milano applications open: September 7 to September 13
  • There is no cost to apply
  • After applications close, accepted athletes will be notified and sent information on how to make payment
  • Accepted athletes will have 7 days from when they are notified to make payment
  • Applicants that are not accepted will be notified and placed automatically on the waitlist
  • After applications close, athletes may apply to join the waitlist
  • Entry cost: $75

Applications are based on organizer discretion considering the following criteria:

  • Past Red Hook Criterium experience and results
  • Fixed gear criterium experience and results
  • Past cycling experience and results (road, cx, mtb, etc.)
  • Athletes/teams traveling far distances to the race
  • Accuracy of application*

*Using proper grammar, capitalization, spelling, and providing complete information increases your chance to be accepted.