Barcelona No.5 Spectator Information


Saturday September 2, 2017
Parc Del Fòrum, Muelle de la Marina Seca, C/ De la Pau, 12, 08930

Barcelona No.5 Updated Map

Spectator Information

The Red Hook Criterium is one of the world’s most exciting sporting events and is an admission-free day of fun for all spectators! Featuring world class cyclists from multiple countries. Come early to get your hands on a free Rockstar Games cowbell so you can make a lot of noise during the races.

Barcelona No.5 Spectator Schedule*

Venue Opens11:00
Open Practice12:30
Men's Heat Races13:00
Women's Heat Races15:30
Last Chance Race18:00
Women's Super Pole19:30
Men's Super Pole19:45
Women's Criterium20:30
Men's Criterium21:30
Podium Ceremony22:30
*Times subject to change

New Qualifying format for 2017

For 2017 we have introduced more racing with our new Heats and Super Pole qualification races for Men and Women. Over 350 athletes from around the world will race short high-speed races to qualify for the evening feature races.

New Race Format


Address: Parc Del Fòrum, Muelle de la Marina Seca, C/ De la Pau, 12, 08930


Moritz Beer

Barcelona’s finest brewery will be available once again with their VIP area. Steeped in tradition, Moritz prides itself on brewing handcrafted unpasteurized fresh beer is the finest freshest beer you can get. At the race, they will offer their traditional beers throughout the day.

Eureka Street Food

Inspired by Californian street food. Tacos, quesadillas, ceviche and more.


Artisanal gelato on wheels with over twenty flavors to pick from.

Satan’s Coffee

Barcelona’s finest coffee. No decaf!


Bagels, Nachos, and Hamburgers

PARRANDA/ cocina itinerante

Chicken, vegan, sweet burritos

Who to watch


We will have a merchandise shop located onsite selling all of the latest crit gear. We accept cash and credit cards. See our online Shop for current items.