Red Hook Crit

Neil Bezdek


Photo: Federico Stanzani

Team: Team Cinelli Milano
City: New  York
Country: USA

For the first time in the history of the RHC I’m actually rooting for Neil Bezdek. In 2009 I was still competing myself so Bezdek’s crushing victory was my own defeat. At the 2010 Milano I was so worried that he would mop the floor with the Italians that it was a minor miracle when local star Jon Ander Ortuondo out-sprinted him for the win. At the 2011 Brooklyn edition the underdog Dan Chabanov also got the better of Neil which for me as the race promoter was pure gold.

That fall in Milano he finally did what was I was always worried about. His cold calculated domination of every result just made me feel pity for the competition and I  knew the following year this pro rider would be an unpopular name on the start list. History now knows the following year in Italy Neil was unceremoniously knocked out of the race by eventual winner Evan Murphy on lap 1. Bloody and bruised he outwardly maintained his demeanor while internally he was gutted. The defeat proved that sometimes the best result for a true champion isn’t always on the top step of the podium. This year I’d be happy to see him back there.

by David Trimble

RHC No. 2 : 1st
RHC No. 4: 2nd

RHC Milano No. 1: 2nd
RHC Milano No. 2: 1st
RHC Milano No. 3: dnf